What’s Your Favorite Lipstick?… Jesse Somera

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about lipstick lately – the way a simple swipe of color can change your mood, act as emotional armor, make a statement about your personality, be an accessory to your style, enhance or overwhelm your face and even become an “I feel naked without it” staple. Such a small thing but surprisingly powerful and the best part is that there is no commitment.  You can change lipstick ten times a day with no consequence aside from dry lips.  I can’t think of another form of physical enhancement that is so easy to experiment with. That being said, I am always astonished how often people say “oh but I can’t pull off red/orange/etc  lipstick”. Life is short so go try on a new lipstick right now! Paint your lips with all the colors that have caught your eye but you were afraid “weren’t you”. Go red, go black, try neon or metallic!

Note: Lipstick is cool on men, women, transgendered people, drag queens, drag kings, androgynous folks and the undeclared! If you don’t believe me, check out the ridiculously good looking Jesse Somera in the images above!

Note: I’ve always admired women who wear a strong shade with such frequency that it becomes a signature (Diana Vreeland’s red red lips!) and while I would like that to be me, it’s not.  I do have a favorite shade of red plus three nudes that I bounce between but on the side, I have flirtations with 90’s brick, orange reds, vampy darks and every once in a while, a deep pink.

MODEL // Jesse Somera
MAKEUP // Robin Black

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