CREATIVE things to do with liquid lipstick, part one.. Meng Meng

Suggestions for off label use of your favorite liquid lipstick…

1: Why not wear your lipstick completely off center like in the image above? Similar concepts were used for kabuki and greek theatre masks to convey multiple personalities or sometimes a character’s “double” face. Plus Comme des Garcons sent models down their Fall 2004 runway show in this exact style and since Rei can do no wrong, it’s at least worth a try.

2: Liquid lipstick makes for a great eyelid stain. Choose the color wisely and start by dabbing on a tiny amount and blending quickly. Nudes, pinks and reds work best for this experiment, purples tend to wind up looking like a bruise.

3: Rouge your nipples! Throughout the 1600’s – 1800’s, extremely low bodices were all the rage in Europe. So low that nipples were often exposed and to make sure that they were properly appreciated, women would apply rouge to them. This trend started among high born ladies but quickly spread to prostitutes since it helped highlight their wares.

4: Create the chicest personal stationary by applying a matte liquid lipstick and gently kissing blank note cards. Once the lipstick is dry, mist over it lightly with an acrylic setting spray (check your local art store) to set it.

Note: I used the new NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in the image above.  It’s ideal for the more creative uses listed above and also for creating a perfectly lovely matte lip. 🙂

MODEL // Meng Meng
MAKEUP // Robin Black

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