Paint it black… Ella Flood

Afternoons in the studio with Ella are always inspiring. In part because it’s hard to take a bad photo of her (Ella’s mom is gorgeous model Jenny Brunt, which seems like an unfair genetic advantage.) but also because she is an incredibly talented fine artist.  Her work has a level of sophistication that is well beyond her years and don’t even get me started on her excellent taste in music.

On this particular day, Ella had just finished packing to leave for a prestigious art school. Very exciting but also quite sad since it meant leaving behind Gabe (click here to see their prom look), her family and of course, her ridiculously cute dog Buns. Her mood reminded me of what it feels like to be young and have the whole world stretch out in front of you with limitless possibilities.

Note: The glitter is one of LemonheadLA’s Spacepaste shades. If you haven’t tried Spacepaste yet, it’s worth an order!  It’s a vegan jelly-like substance filled with high quality cosmetic glitter that stays put with zero fall out, totally addictive!

MODEL // Ella Flood
MAKEUP // Robin Black

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