Glam Rock… Alex Boldea

This look was a total accident… Alex mentioned that she was headed to a club after our evening beauty shoot so I offered to do her makeup. We were talking about long nights spent on the dancefloor and then suddenly Bowie popped up on my playlist. The makeup translation of David Bowie and late night dance clubs is obviously glam rock purple, fuchsia, icy pink and of course, a heavy dose of glitter. I loved the final look so much that I got out my camera and snapped it!

Note: I applied the blush in a classic 70’s disco pattern (a swooping “C” shape from the cheekbones up to the temples) and then patted the Lemonhead Spacejam Luxe in Lady Mercury over it. If you haven’t tried Lemonhead’s glitter pastes, I highly recommend them! They don’t fall out like regular glitter and stay in place for hours. Plus you can use them sheer or build up to an opaque glitter finish.

MODEL // Alex Boldea
MAKEUP // Robin Black

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