Marc Jacobs’ latest product innovation comes in the form of the luminous, long-lasting, couture color, Air Blush.  Air Blush has a unique texture, one that I hadn’t encountered in my thousands (literally) of studio days.  It contains Japanese “air powder” pigments and undergoes a process called “soufflage” (French for “air-whipped”) to create a totally weightless texture that blends incredibly well.  The application technique for Air Blush was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ friend, the iconic makeup artist Way Bandy.  Mr. Bandy had a unique way of “draping” blush across the natural bone structure to emphasize curves, add softness and create contour.  Each of the above videos focuses on one of the four types of draping; Lifting Glow, Volumizing Glow, Sculpting Glow and Balancing Glow.  I’d love to see your version so please post your draping looks and use #AIRBLUSH.

Note:  Click here to learn more about the godfather of modern makeup, Way Bandy.

MODEL// Samie Robinson
MAKEUP// Robin Black
HAIR// Bobby Elliot

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