Bride of Frankenstein… Halloween 2017

It’s almost that time… the un-official holiday of makeup artists everywhere, Halloween! To create this year’s look, I teamed up with brilliant hairstylist Sheridan Ward and super talented fashion designer Oscar Olima. We were inspired by the 1935 film Bride of FrankensteinElsa Lanchester’s “bride” is an iconic look and we wanted to pay tribute to that. Of course, we couldn’t resist adding a few of our own touches –  I kept the classic angled brows but changed up the eyes and lip shape. Sheridan gave the updo a more editorial vibe and added an extra stripe of white to the front. Oscar created the dress and satin ribbon gloves based on the original shapes but added a lovely panel and a more modern drape.

Note: Bride of Frankenstein was actually a sequel to the 1931 hit Frankenstein and the story was based on the subplot from the original novel by Mary Shelley. She wrote Frankenstein in 1818,at a time when female gothic novelists were probably quite rare.

MODEL // Jade Isobel May-Lou
HAIR // Sheridan Ward
MAKEUP // Robin Black
COSTUME // Oscar Olima

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