The Last Days of Summer… Maja Elmstrom

It’s still scorching hot in LA but the last days of summer are upon us. However, before I break out the Fall color collections, I wanted to do at least one more carefree summer look. No foundation, no mascara, no fuss, just Maja’s gorgeous face with some minimal enhancement. To create the warm glow on her eyelids and cheeks, I used the Bite Beauty Multistick in Creme Caramel. Love a multi-tasker!

Note: Maja is from Stockholm and aside from being genetically gifted with stunning looks (That skin! The hair! The eyes!, The lips!), she has a down to earth cool girl vibe. We talked endlessly about Stockholm (which I have fond memories of) and she pretty much convinced me to move there. Ha!

MODEL // Maja Elmstrom
MAKEUP // Robin Black

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