In the Studio with Marc Jacobs Beauty, Samie Robinson & MACK

Marc Jacobs Beauty, Beauty Is Boring, Robin Black, Samie Robinson, Airblush


Some behind the scenes action with Samie Robinson and Mack.   Keep your eyes on the Video page tomorrow… something exciting is coming!

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Casting Digitals… Hannah Vandermolen

Hannah Vandermolen, Beauty Is Boring, Robin Black, Digitals


I’ve shot Hannah many times and it’s always fun when she finds time to visit the studio – aside from her modeling career, Hannah is an accomplished fine artist and musician.   Whenever she drops by, I snap a few quick casting digitals since Hannah’s hair is ever changing.  Check out her black shave undercut in our last editorial or scroll down the Beauty Is Boring Instagram account to view her neon orange look.

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Last Summer with Allure

Julia Almendra Polaroids by Robin Black for Beauty Is Boring
Big Shot Polaroid outtakes from last summer’s Allure shoot featuring model Julia Almendra with perfect curls by Bobby Eliot.

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Five red lipsticks… and Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, Regina Yazdi, Robin Black, Red Lipstick, Beauty Is Boring
This is what happens when Regina Yazdi and I spend Sunday in the studio… My favorite five red lipsticks as swatched by Regina on her brilliant illustration of Cindy Crawford.

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Polaroids with Miriam Haney

Miriam Haney, Beauty is Boring, Polaroids, Robin Black
I spent today with model Miriam Haney shooting several new looks for The Face.  Afterwards we snapped a few Polaroids for old times sake.  I first shot Miriam when she was a new face, these days she is doing everything from appearing in campaigns to walking the runway for Louis Vuitton!

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Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

Marc Jacobs Beauty x Beauty Is Boring, featuring the new Velvet Noir Mascara.


Behind the scenes with Marc Jacobs Beauty x BEAUTY IS BORING featuring the new Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. No fake lashes used, just Gabriela’s natural lashes plus two coats of Velvet Noir!

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Alex Boldea for Beauty Is Boring by Robin Black.


Going back to my original love, the Big Shot Polaroid, for a few snaps of Alex Boldea before our Beauty Is Boring shoot.

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Behind the scenes with Allie Lewis

Allie Lewis for Beauty Is Boring by Robin Black.


Today we finished our official shoot a bit early and had some time left to test eyeshadows. Brilliant expression and gorgeous features provided by Allie Lewis.

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Star Freckles

Jessika Breanna for Beauty Is Boring by Robin Black.


In the Beauty Is Boring studio with Jessika Villegas, testing out Make Up Forever’s Star Glitter.  Jessika mentioned that she had always wanted freckles…

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Original Muse, Soo Joo Park

Soo Joo Park behind the scenes for Beauty Is Boring by Robin Black. Soo Joo Park behind the scenes for Beauty Is Boring by Robin Black. Soo Joo Park behind the scenes for Beauty Is Boring by Robin Black.


Behind the scenes in the BEAUTY IS BORING studio with model, muse and musician, Soo Joo Park.  Soo Joo and I have known each other for years and it’s always so inspiring to spend the day catching up!  These images were shot before we got crazy with an ocean inspired makeup look… that look (which Soo Joo art directed) will be launching on The Face page next month and stay tuned for links to Soo Joo’s new musical venture!

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