Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Lips

Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Lips, Review, Beauty Is Boring, Robin BlackFinish:  Velvety matte with no visible shimmer.

Formula:  Powder-gelee, similar in feel to a lightweight cream.

Good For: Anyone who likes matte lipstick. There are six palettes, each with two complimentary shades. Every complexion will find at least one that is flattering and the opacity of the color means that it works well on naturally pigmented lips.

Robin’s Take:  When I first opened one of these lovely compacts (TF packaging always requires a flattering adjective), I thought I was looking at a very brightly colored red eyeshadow duo. The unique presentation makes this product look like pressed eyeshadow but these gorgeous colors are actually lipstick! The powder-gelee formula has a silky feel, very light and almost airy on the lips. However the pigment is really intense and gives amazing opaque coverage, even with a single coat. The two colors are meant to create an ombre or contoured lip look but I found them equally beautiful when used alone or layered for a custom shade.

Pro Tips & Tricks:  Shade and Illuminate Lips has a matte finish so if you have dry and/or flaky lips, you definitely want to do a gentle exfoliation followed by lip balm before application. Remember to let the lip balm set for a few minutes and then blot it in before applying the color. If you don’t have a gentle exfoliator handy, try lightly tapping your lips with Scotch tape to remove any dead skin – it’s surprisingly effective!

PRODUCT // Shade and Illuminate Lips
ILLUSTRATION // Regina Yazdi

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